Professional Carpet Cleaning


  1. carpet cleaning professionalsGuarantee: We GUARANTEE our cleaning with a 100% money back policy. We not only say it we put it in writing. "If you're not happy, you don't pay".
  2. Certified Technicians: We are fully trained, licensed and certified professionals with many years of experience in caring for carpet cleaning including our many cleaning services.
  3. Equipment: We utilise high powered and professional grade truck mount equipment, not the smaller portables which means deeper cleaning and much better results.
  4. Sanitising & Deodorising: Stain treatment, sanitising and deodorising are all included free.
  5. Drying: Due to utilising powerful equipment your carpets are left dryer and are completely dry much faster.
  6. Save Money: Because we utilise the most thorough carpet cleaning methods your carpet not only looks and feels much cleaner, it also lasts much longer.
  7. Indoor Air Quality: Another advantage of using our services is our cleaning machine operates outside your home and leaves no exhaust fumes inside. Additionally because we clean with such a strict and thorough method we eliminate the dust mites and nasty things that live in your carpet which can be a health hazard for Asthma and emphysema suffers.

Think about this... Are you looking to hire a genuine professional cleaner who cares about you as his customer and the quality of workmanship he delivers together with his long term reputation with you?

Or, are you looking for the cheapest deal around?

If quality, professionalism and a long term cleaning expert who truly delivers outstanding carpet cleaning is what you prefer then we are exactly what you're looking for.

Give us a call today on 1300 762 021 "It will be our absolute pleasure to clean and refresh your carpets to make them look new like again".